Golden Flower Infuse


Damro Labookellie Golden Flower Infuse

[ Loose – 100g Net Weight ]

Damro Labookellie Golden Flower Infuse consists ‘Semi-Twisted Black Tea’ that is handpicked from the ‘Seedling Tea Bushes’ planted by Solomon and Gabriel De Worms in Condagala Division around the same time when James Taylor started commercial tea planting in Sri Lanka. This semi-twisted black tea is blended with Golden Tips that are ‘Golden Stems’ of the purple tea bush also known as TRI 2043 clone and with Tea Flowers that are carefully handpicked by the experienced Tea Pluckers then sun-dried to maintain the tasting quality.

Once brewed for tasting Damro Labookellie Golden Flower Infuse would have a greenish infusion and produce a Gold Liquored Tea with a taste and characteristics unique to its own. Once tasted it’ll probably be the best Ceylon Tea Experience.

Damro Labookellie Tea Estate is located in the Nuwara Eliya District with a salubrious climate and falling within the Dimbula growing region; it also could be considered as the most renowned name in Ceylon for Tea.

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