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Damro Tea

Damro possess over 5,000 hectares of lush tea plantations, spread across all major tea-growing regions in Sri Lanka, from the low lying valleys of Sabaragamuwa to the central hills at elevations exceeding 1,500 meters. Located within these well-nurtured tea gardens, you would also come across 12 factories producing an array of Ceylon’s finest teas, ranging from Rotorvane, Orthodox, CTC and Green tea, largely to cater to the wide demands of local and international markets.

“Damro Teas” in particular are lately renowned for promoting an assortment of premium teas, produced using the fresh handpicked harvest from tea fields that carpet the western slopes of Nuwara Eliya and are widely sought after by connoisseurs of this beverage & mostly by those who longed for the tastiest cup of Ceylon tea.

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